international_guy.jpgProduct Stewardship and Training 

Training our distributor partners in the proper use and stewardship of our products is an important component to what NovaSource offers.  Not a distributor?  That’s OK, if you are a crop consultant, applicator, researcher, or grower you can participate in some of the activities featured on these pages.  Check back periodically as the information on this page will be updated as new information or training modules become available.


Herbicide Resistance

Weed resistance to glyphosate, triazines and other herbicides is a severe problem in certain areas.   One metric that crop advisors and growers can be mindful of to better manage resistance is the classification of herbicides used.


Metam Sodium & Metam Potassium Stewardship (MORE)


Restricted Use Pesticide

 Always read and follow label directions.