NovaSource delivers a portfolio of proven and effective crop protection products to niche agricultural markets around the world. And you'll find us at the vanguard of stewardship initiatives that affect the markets we serve. The NovaSource team is committed to continually providing products and developing new uses for existing products that provide lasting benefit for all stakeholders.

History of NovaSource


Tessenderlo Group Brussels, Belgium purchases what was formerly Kerley Chemicals, Phoenix, AZ from Hickson Chemical, West Yorkshire, UK and forms Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. (TKI)


TKI purchases Sundance Chemical, Burley, ID, a USEPA registrant and manufacturer of metam sodium


TKI forms NovaSource, a business unit dedicated to manage and develop the crop protection business of TKI


TKI obtains registration for metam potassium and introduces Sectagon® K-54. NovaSource introduces a portfolio of fosetyl-Al based fungicides in the ag, turf and ornamental markets in the USA


NovaSource acquires the global terbacil (Sinbar®) business from Dupont and the global Surround® Crop Protectant business from BASF


NovaSource introduces WhiteCap® aquatic herbicide in the US aquatic market


NovaSource acquires the global linuron (Lorox®, Linex®, LayBy Pro) business from Dupont


NovaSource reaches agreement with Purfresh® and acquires Purshade®


NovaSource acquires the global carbaryl business for agricultural markets (Sevin®) from Bayer Crop Science


NovaSource divests it​s aquatic herbicide business (WhiteCap®) to focus on niche agricultural markets


TKI makes two purchases—first was the global norflurazon (Solicam®) assets from Syngenta LLC. The second was certain of DuPont's global hexazinone product and its hexazinone/diuron-only mixture, resulting in NovaSource acquiring the Velpar®, Pronone® and Advance® trademarks, excluding assets in Brazil.

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. (TKI)

Produces and markets specialty chemicals including fertilizers, soil fumigants and various industrial chemicals to divergent markets in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America and selected countries throughout the world.

TKI currently maintains 10 manufacturing plants and over 60 terminals in key agricultural production areas to serve this market. TKI is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessenderlo Group, Brussels, Belgium.