Linex Agricultural Herbicide


  • Controls many herbicide resistant weeds (see label)
  • Pre-emergence and burndown control, flexible plant back restrictions
  • Group 7 mode of action different from metribuzin and atrazine (Group 5)
  • Safe on crop when label directions followed

It's in the headlines, on the web, and talked about at all the meetings, the over-use of glyphosate, triazines and other herbicides has led to the development of dozens of biotypes of resistant weeds, such as kochia, lambsquarter, pigweed, ragweed and others. LINEX is a valuable Group 7 herbicide for growers faced with combatting resistant weeds. It provides broad-spectrum control of dozens of tough grasses and broadleaf weeds and provides a different mode of action versus ALS-inhibitor (Group 2) or triazine-based (Group 5) herbicides.

LINEX is labeled for use on potatoes, corn, sorghum, cotton and soybeans. For performance data and other information, click the links below or Contact Us.

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