Metam Sodium Movement in Soil Presentation by Kyle Coleman at 2019 Potato Expo Draws Largest Audience at Event’s Innovation Hub



Phoenix, Ariz. – January 10, 2019 – Kyle Coleman, director of marketing for NovaSource North America, delivered the kickoff presentation – and the event's largest audience – at the Innovation Hub Stage during the 2019 Potato Expo in Austin, Texas.

“Insights Into Metam Sodium Movement in Soil," was a summary of more 18,000 measurements taken in potato, carrot and onion fields in the Pacific Northwest over a two year period.

Kyle's study reveals that ground preparation, soil moisture and precision product placement all play a more important role in the successful use of metam sodium than had previously been thought. His 18-minute overview is filled with helpful data, images and suggestions.

Watch Kyle's entire presentation here: