SOIL-MEND is a liquid soil amendment that alters the chemical and physical structure of agricultural soils.  SOIL-MEND promotes root health and overall plant growth.  SOIL-MEND loosens the soil improving air and water penetration while leaching excess salts.


SOIL-MEND adds calcium and sulfur, two important crop nutrients. And, its effect on soil chemistry (pH and cation exchange capacity)  improves the availability of existing plant nutrients important for crop health such as potassium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium.

To Assist in the Penetration and Dispersion of Soil-applied Agricultural Chemicals*

Use SOIL-MEND in combination with agricultural chemicals such as soil pesticides and fertilizers which could benefit from enhanced soil penetration and dispersion.

SOIL-MEND may be especially effective in assisting the movement of agricultural chemicals in calcareous and other difficult-to-penetrate soils. Use the recommended label rate of SOIL-MEND per acre in combination with labeled rates of other soil-applied agricultural chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) that allow such applications. Follow precautions on the label to determine the compatibility of SOIL-MEND when mixed with any other component.

*Patent Pending


  • Leaches sodium and provides available calcium and sulfur
  • Loosens soil improving aeration and water percolation
  • Reduces soil pH and improves the availability of existing soil nutrients