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NovaSource develops and markets a portfolio of crop protection products for niche uses in agriculture worldwide. The company is a business unit of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.

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  • Fruit trees

    Repel Insects with Surround: Protect Your Crops Naturally

    Effective pest management is essential for maintaining healthy crops and maximizing yields. Surround is OMRI-listed (pesticide use only), offering an innovative solution to reduce insect damage. Here, we will discuss how Surround works as an insecticide, the numerous ways it can affect insect pests, the benefits of incorporating it into an...
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    Improve Usage of Water in Your Orchard with Surround

    The efficient usage of water is a critical aspect of modern agriculture. One solution that has gained attention for its potential to improve the effect of water on crop productivity is Surround®. Here, we will explore how Surround works to enhance water efficiency in plants, the benefits it offers, and tips for successful application.
  • Oranges

    Heat Stress and Sun Protection: Boost Your Crop Health with Surround

    Heat stress and sunburn can severely impact plant health and reduce yields. In today's changing climate, finding ways to protect plants from these harmful effects is more important than ever. Surround is an advanced plant health technology that offers protection from sunburn and heat stress, in return has the potential to enhance yields and promote...

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    Lannate® Added to NovaSource’s Diverse Crop Protection Product Portfolio

    We are pleased to announce that Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc., part of Tessenderlo Group, has acquired the product line Lannate® from Corteva Agriscience. NovaSource will add the Lannate product line to its existing, diversified portfolio of niche crop protection products for agriculture customers worldwide. This product is used to manage specific...
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    Metam Sodium Movement in Soil Presentation by Kyle Coleman at 2019 Potato Expo Draws Largest Audience at Event’s Innovation Hub

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    Fruit Growers Report Significant Reductions in Sun Damage and Heat Stress when using Surround and Purshade

    ​Phoenix, Ariz. – October 1, 2018 – Successful use of the NovaSource crop protectants Surround and Purshade were featured in the October 2018 edition of Fruit Grower News. Read the entire article here: http://digital.fruitgrowersnews.com/i/1040045-october-2018/19?