Linex 4L – a Urea-Based Herbicide with Excellent Efficacy on Triazine Resistant Weeds


Control triazine resistant weeds such as Lambsquarter, Pigweed and others by including Linex® 4L in your herbicide program.

The continuous use, year after year, of triazines - i.e. atrazine and metribuzin, which belong to the C1 group of PSII inhibitors, can result in the development of triazine resistant weeds in fields rotated between potatoes, corn and other crops.  Linex® 4L (linuron) is a urea-based herbicide (C2 group of PSII inhibitors) which has a different attachment site to the D1 protein of the photosystem II complex to that of metribuzin and atrazine. Using LINEX for your pre-emergence application in potatoes breaks the cycle of continual triazine use and can result in better control of resistant weeds. In addition, using LINEX in a preemergence application allows greater flexibility in-season.

Using LINEX at Pre-emergence Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Offers an alternative to triazines for effective preemergence weed control.
  • Reserves in your “tool box”, post emergence applied herbicides with a different mode of action for use in-season if needed.

Use Instructions

  • Do not spray over top of emerged potatoes.
  • Do not exceed 3 pints per acre per year.

East of Rocky Mountains Only

Apply 1.5 to 2.5 pints per acre on the lighter soils (sandy loams, silt loams; 1 to 2% organic matter) and 2.5 to 3 pints per acre on heavier soils (silts, clay loams; 2 to 5% organic matter). On soils over 5% organic matter, use 3 pints. per acre to emerged weeds (before potatoes emerge). For improved annual grass and nutsedge control, consider tank mixes with S-metolachlor.

Preemergence Application

Make a single application as a broadcast spray after planting but before crop emerges.

Plant seed at least 2 inches deep. If beds are to be dragged and/or hilled, apply after the final dragging or hilling operation. Apply before grasses are 2 inches tall and before broadleaf weeds are 6 inches tall, preferably just before or when weed seedlings emerge. If emerged weeds are present, add 1 pint surfactant for each 25 gallons spray mixture.

In irrigated areas, best results are obtained when application is made to moist soil, followed within 2 weeks by 1 inches to 2 inches of sprinkler irrigation (or rainfall). On powder dry soils, irrigate prior to herbicide application and follow with sprinkler irrigation to activate the herbicide.

Always read and follow label instructions.