Improving Banana Plant Health

Costa Rica Field Studies Prove Success Using Surround® on Bananas

An extensive three-year field study conducted by highly respected researcher Miguel González of CORBANA in Costa Rica demonstrated measurable success when using Surround® Crop Protectant on Bananas.

The highly engineered kaolin particles in SURROUND reflect infrared and ultraviolet radiation, significantly reducing sunburn losses.

Research results from the banana study show SURROUND-treated banana plants consistently generating higher fruit weight and overall productivity than control samples.

Other outcomes included higher bunch rates, and the number of days between planting and flowering being reduced by up to 28 days in plants treated with SURROUND versus control samples.

Gonzalez presented his findings at the Sixth International Banana Congress and XXI International Meeting ACORBAT in April 2016.

Co-authors of the presentation included Rubén Ortiz, Bioagro / Agrosoil, and Peter Barrows and Kurt Volker of NovaSource.

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