Solicam on Blueberries

Solicam on Blueberries
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Tough on annual grasses and sedges.

Solicam® is the pre-emergent and lasting residual herbicide for control of perennial grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds that compete with blueberry crops.

When applied prior to seed germination, Solicam enables growers to spring ahead of resistant weed control.

Always Read and Follow Label Instructions

Key Benefits of Solicam

Protect your blueberries this season by applying Solicam
in the spring, prior to weed seed germination.
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    Controls some of the toughest broadleaf annual grasses and sedges in blueberry fields.

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    Suppresses many difficult broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge.

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    Provides Group 12 protection with a mode of action that inhibits carotenoid biosynthesis — to keep weeds from competing with your crops.

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    Delivers longer residual effects that minimize the need for burn down sprays.

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    Performs with reliability in all weather conditions

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    Excellent compatibility with a majority of tank mix partners, especially with newer chemistries.


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