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Improve Usage of Water in Your Orchard with Surround

Water Utilization in Your Crops

The efficient usage of water is a critical aspect of modern agriculture. One solution that has gained attention for its potential to improve the effect of water on crop productivity is Surround®, a product developed in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Here, we will explore how Surround works to enhance water efficiency in plants, the benefits it offers, and tips for successful application.

What is Surround?

Surround is an innovative product that utilizes calcined kaolin particles to form a protective film on plant surfaces. This film provides multiple benefits, including protection from sunburn and heat stress, insect repellency, and improved usage of water.

How Does Surround Improve Usage of Water?

Surround can improve the usage of water in plants in the following way:

  1. Temperature regulation: Surround reflects significant amounts of infrared radiation, resulting in lower plant temperatures. All other things equal, cooler plants lose less water through transpiration.
  2. Reduced stress: By lowering plant temperatures, Surround helps plants better cope with extreme heat conditions. Plants under less stress can better maintain optimal photosynthesis rates and use water more effectively.
  3. Prolonged photosynthesis: Surround-treated plants can withstand higher ambient temperatures, which allows photosynthesis to continue for longer periods. As photosynthesis continues, plants use water more efficiently and produce more carbohydrates, contributing to overall plant health and yield potential.

Benefits of Improved Usage of Water:

The use of Surround improving the efficiency of use of water has been shown in some crops to improve productivity:

  1. Yields: Improved efficiency of water usage can result in higher photosynthesis rates, potentially leading to more vigorous plant growth, larger fruit size and increased yields.
  2. Plant health: By reducing stress and maintaining optimal plant functioning, Surround can contribute to improved overall plant health, which can, in turn, lead to higher quality crops.

Tips for Using Surround to Enhance Water Efficiency:

To get the most out of Surround 's water efficiency benefits, it's essential to follow best practices for application and use:

  1. Apply before high temperatures and strong sunlight conditions: Surround should be applied before extreme environmental conditions occur to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  2. Ensure complete coverage: Several applications may be necessary to achieve full coverage of plant surfaces. Reapplication may be needed based on factors such as irrigation, rain, wind and new plant growth.
  3. Follow application tips: Apply Surround to near-drip, avoiding foliage runoff. Surround can be tank-mixed with most pesticides, and using additional spreader-stickers can enhance coverage. Aerial application is also possible using standard aerial application equipment.

Surround offers a breakthrough opportunity to improve how efficiently plants utilize water, making it an invaluable tool for growers concerned about water scarcity, and potentially maximizing yields. By understanding how Surround works and following best practices for application, you can enhance the usage of your available water by your crops and contribute to a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Always read and follow label instructions.