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    Lime-Sulfur Solution

    Lime-Sulfur Solution™ is an OMRI-approved crop protectant and, in Washington State, is approved for apple thinning (EPA 24c).
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    Linebacker® systemically protects your citrus, vegetable and specialty crops from phytopthora and other diseases by stimulating the plants' SAR defenses.
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    Linex®, a Group 7 preemergence herbicide, is used to control Group 5 (metribuzin, atrazine) resistant weed complexes.
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    Lorox® is a preemergence herbicide that controls herbicide resistant weeds in carrots, pulse crops, and specialty crops.
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    Lorox L

    Lorox®L, labeled in Canada, controls herbicide resistant weeds in carrots, potato, soybean and other crops.
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    Purshade® protects crops from the effects of severe sunlight and heat by shading fruit and maintaining a cooler, more productive environment. PURSHADE is a flowable formulation. ​
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    Sectagon®-42 ​controls soil-borne pests to insure high yields of potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and other c​rops.
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    Sectagon®-K54 ​adds nutritional potassium while controlling soil-borne pests to insure high yields of potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and other crops.
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    Sevin® is a broad spectrum insecticide and a dependable PGR for thinning apples to desirable economic levels.
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    Sinbar®, a Group 5 preemergence herbicide, is labeled for certain crops such as mint, blueberries, sugarcane and alfalfa.
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    Solicam®, a Group 12 preemergence herbicide and resistance management tool, provides long lasting residual control in many crops.
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    Solmenda® is a soil amendment that loosens the soil, improving air and water penetration while allowing excess salts to leach away.
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    Surround® shades crops from sunburn and heat stress, improving yields and plant health. SURROUND suppresses certain insect pests, further protecting crops.
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    Velpar® is a Group 5 preemergence herbicide used in alfalfa, blueberry and sugarcane.