Sectagon-42 Agricultural fumigant


  • Suppress populations of soil borne pests to ensure yields of important root and tuber crops
  • Superior formulation applies easily through drip, shank, and other methods

SECTAGON-42 soil fumigant is an important tool for producing high-quality, high value crops such as potatoes, carrots, peanuts, sugar beets, tomatoes and other vegetables. When controlling soil-borne pests is key, SECTAGON-42 provides effective, economical suppression of weeds, diseases and nematodes. These soil pests can build up between harvests and rob fields of their full yield potential. Using SECTAGON-42 suppresses these yield-robbing pests, helping to optimize yields and profits. The product can be applied using soil injection, soil bedding or chemigation methods. The application requirements for soil fumigants are complicated so be sure to see additional information on the SECTAGON-42 label and the Soil Fumigant Stewardship resource page. Also consult your crop advisor or local government agency for more information.

Restricted Use Pesticide.

What are the 3 key factors to enhance mobility of Sectagon-42?

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