Purshade solar protectant


  • Reduces damage due to UV and IR radiation
  • Easy to use, non-abrasive liquid formulation
  • Reduces plant stress and promotes biomass
  • Promotes efficient photosynthesis
  • Tank mixes easily, covers evenly
  • Washes off during standard post-harvest processing

Purshade Solar Protectant

PURSHADE reduces solar stress in crops by protecting the foliage and fruit from damaging ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation while still allowing photosynthesis to occur. Based on calcium carbonate, a highly reflective mineral, PURSHADE has been shown to reduce sunburn damage to fruit and minimize overall heat stress in plants.

PURSHADE comes in an easy-to-handle liquid formulation that mixes quickly, applies evenly, is non-abrasive to equipment, and can be removed as required during standard post-harvest processing. The product can be applied with standard spray equipment and in most cases may be incorporated into an existing spray program. PURSHADE helps maximize the value of every treated acre by reducing solar-related losses, thus increasing marketable yield, enhancing crop quality, and improving water use efficiency.