Asian Citrus Psyllid

Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama) (ACP) is an economically important pest in some citrus growing regions such as Florida. The pest carries or vectors Huanglongbing (HLB) or Citrus Greening Disease, a devastating disease of citrus trees. ACP transmits this bacterial disease in its feeding parts transferring HLB from infected plant tissue to healthy trees.

Surround® Crop Protectant

Developed in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Surround Crop Protectant is an EPA-registered insecticide specially formulated with calcined kaolin to suppress insect activity. Surround covers plants with a protective film which also provides protection from sunburn and heat stress and can lead to greater rates of photosynthesis allowing plants to achieve their full yield potential. In Florida, Surround has been found to be effective in suppressing ACP.

On-going research at the Citrus Research and Education Center at the University of Florida is centered on the protection of young citrus trees from HLB.

Preliminary results:

  • HLB is primarily spread through the saliva of ACP as it feeds on citrus leaves.
  • Surround treated leaf surfaces inhibit the ability of ACP to grasp and maneuver in order to feed. This inability of ACP to feed on Surround treated leaf surfaces prevents the spread of HLB.
  • Reliance on soil applied systemic insecticides alone can result in increased rates of HLB due to the development by ACP of insecticide resistance.
  • Neonic systemic insecticides plus a rotation of either foliar insecticides or Surround kept trees HLB free for 15 months after planting.
  • Proper insecticide rotation is vital to achieve the expected level of protection from HLB.
  • An intensive, multi-pronged insecticide treatment program to control ACP is necessary to ensure a return on the investment of young tree plantings.

Surround Application Tips:

  • Use the amount of water volume per acre to achieve near-drip.
  • For trees under 10 to 12 feet, 100 gallons of water per acre is sufficient.
  • For trees over 12 feet, 200 gallon​s of water per acre is recommended for coverage.
    • Apply at ground speeds around two miles per hour or slower
    • Often it takes two thorough sprays to establish a full coating. Apply each application in the opposite direction of the previous application.
  • Use of a spreader may help uniformity.
  • Don't apply if leaves are dripping wet.
  • Surround can be tank-mixed with most pesticides. When tank-mixing, always add surround to the tank first.
  • Aerial application of Surround is not recommended for insect suppression.

Sevin® XLR Plus Agricultural Insecticide

Use Sevin XLR Plus in an Asian Citrus Psyllid program to introduce an Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) SubGroup 1A insecticide (carbamate) into a rotation with insecticides of different modes of action.

Apply Sevin XLR Plus using a low volume sprayer (ULV) for maximum effectiveness against Asian Citrus Psyllid. * Research has shown that ULV application techniques with Sevin XLR Plus have improved effectiveness against ACP. Thorough and uniform spray coverage is essential for effective control.

*This recommendation is made as permitted under FIFRA Section 2 (ee) for the state of Florida, (EPA Reg. No. 61842-37)

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