Lime-Sulfur Solution on Cherries, Berries and Other Small Fruit

Lime-Sulfur Solution Powdery Mildew Control on Fruit
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Choose Lime-Sulfur Solution™ for disease and powdery mildew control.

Prevention is key to disease control in a variety of crops.

Dormant and delayed dormant applications of OMRI-listed Lime-Sulfur Solution can kill overwintering inoculum and control powdery mildew in a variety of crops like cherries, apples, nonbearing fruit trees, vines, and select pome and stone fruits.

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Key Benefits of Lime-Sulfur Solution

  • Mode of action

    Mode of Action

    Lime-Sulfur Solution works on contact. It is highly alkaline, so when it contacts a Chasmothecium, Lime-Sulfur Solution can penetrate the Chasmothecium’s outer shell. The ascospores inside are destroyed before they can germinate and infect new tissue.

  • Particle size

    Particle Size

    The particle size of the colloidal sulfur in Lime-Sulfur Solution is so fine (0.0002 microns) that it is 20 times smaller than micronized sulfurs. The small particle size allows Lime-Sulfur Solution to more evenly cover targeted surfaces.

  • Rainfastness


    Lime-Sulfur Solution penetrates and sticks to plant surfaces. Once it dries, rainfall and other moisture will not wash it off. Because it is available on the bark for a long period, it provides a residual effect and extends your protection against powdery mildew.

  • Timing


    A dormant application of Lime-Sulfur Solution is a first-step approach to a solid preventative powdery mildew program. Because Lime-Sulfur Solution is not temperature driven, it can be applied any time during the dormant stage. It is important to time applications well before spring rains or periods when unseasonably warm weather may trigger bud break. Do not apply after bud break when leaf expansion is occurring or damage will likely occur.

  • Multiple uses

    Multiple Uses

    In addition to Powdery Mildew, Lime-Sulfur Solution controls Coyneum Blight, Scale Insects, Peach Twig Borer, Leaf Curl, Silver Mites, Brown Mites and Red Mites.

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