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Prep and Protect with Sectagon®

Sectagon delivers a fungicide, herbicide and nematicide all in one application allowing you to suppress soil borne pests, weeds and diseases that can build up between harvests. Ensure your yields with Sectagon.

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Sectagon®-K54 (Metam Potassium)

• Supplies sodium-free potassium and sulfur
• Higher concentration of metam per gallon at 54%
• Recommended for high potassium demanding crops like onions
• Recommended for high pH, salt-rich, soils
• Applicators preference due to lower volumes needed
• Labeled for potatoes, onions, carrots and more

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Sectagon®-42 (Metam Sodium)

• 42% Metam
• Recommended for peanuts as a defense against CBR (Cylindrocladium black rot)
• Recommended for sandy soils
• Labeled for potatoes, onions, carrots and more

Proper preparation of your soil is key to the effectiveness of Sectagon.
Check out grower insights and successes in our short video series.

3 Key Factors to Enhance Mobility of Sectagon

Moisture Plays a Big Role in Sectagon Mobility

Importance of Precision Placement with Sectagon

Preparation of Soil is Critical with Sectagon

The application requirements for soil fumigants can be complicated. Always read and follow the label before application. Sectagon-42 and Sectagon-K54 are Restricted Use Pesticides.

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