Maintain Clean Blueberry Fields and Manage Herbicide Resistance


Application of Sinbar® WDG Agricultural Herbicide for Blueberries in the U.S.A. and Canada

Sinbar® WDG is a dependable tool for use as a pre-emergent herbicide in blueberry production. Use SINBAR WDG in a rotation or tank mix program. Do not use SINBAR WDG on blueberries established for less than one year. SINBAR WDG controls susceptible weeds for an extended period of time. The degree of control will be based on many factors including:

Sinbar agricultural herbicide

Resistance Management

When herbicides that affect the same biological site of action are used repeatedly over several years to control the same weed species in the same field, naturally occurring resistant biotypes may survive, propagate and become dominant in that field.

To manage herbicide resistance, change cultural practices within and between crop seasons such as using a combination of tillage, re-treatment, tank-mix partners and/ or sequential herbicide applications that have a different mode of action.

Proper Application Rates and Techniques

Consult the SINBAR WDG specimen label for complete instructions, precautions and recommendations. Consult local agricultural experts for specific recommendations available in your area.


Soil Texture and Soil Organic Matter

SINBAR WDG is normally not for use on sand and gravel soil types. Where a range of dosages is given, use the lower rate on coarse-textured soils (low in clay or organic matter) and the higher rate on fine-textured soils (high in clay or organic matter). Care must be taken for use of SINBAR WDG on soils with less than one percent organic matter, as severe crop injury may occur. Refer to the label for full use directions.

Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature

Moisture is required to activate the chemical; best results occur if rainfall (or sprinkler irrigation) occurs within 2 weeks after application.

Warm temperatures accelerate the translocation of SINBAR WDG.
Weed control may be slower at lower temperatures.

WDG formulation is easier and faster to mix and load.
The WDG formulation is free-flowing, virtually dust-free and easier to handle, measure and mix.