Spike Your Alfalfa Herbicide Program with Low Rates to Extend Weed Control


Low Use Rates on Dormant Established Alfalfa

Sinbar® WDG may be added to other soil residual herbicides registered for weed control in alfalfa. The addition of SINBAR WDG at rates of 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 pound per acre can improve the spectrum of weeds controlled and extend grass control in alfalfa established for one year or longer.

SINBAR WDG has activity on a large number of broadleaf and grassy weeds. When used in combination with other herbicides that are applied at labeled rates to alfalfa, this SINBAR WDG low-rate tank addition can:

  • Increase weed control
  • Expand weed spectrum
  • Extend the time period of weed control

Low-rate combinations have not been tested on all of the weed species that may be present in alfalfa fields. Check each label to determine the weed spectrum that will be controlled by the combination.

There Are a Number of Precautions that Should be Followed:

  • Do not use SINBAR WDG on sand or gravel soil types. For other soil types (e.g., sandy loam and loamy sand) that contain less than 1% organic matter, limit initial use to a small area to determine crop tolerance.
  • Do not apply SINBAR WDG if the companion herbicide may cause injury.
  • Do not apply to established stands after new growth begins in the spring as injury to the crop may occur.
  • Do not apply to stands lacking good crop vigor (under stress) due to winter kill, insect or disease injury or other causes.
  • Be sure to follow the restrictions and precautions of all companion herbicides.
  • Use the lower rate (1⁄4 lb/A) on soils with high sand and or low organic matter.
  • Do not replant treated areas to any crop within 2 years after last application as injury to the subsequent crop(s) may result.
  • If the compatibility of tank mix components is unknown, conduct a “jar test” before mixing commercial quantities.
  • Rainfall or irrigation is needed to activate SINBAR WDG.
  • Application to larger weeds may not give adequate weed control.
  • Refer to the SINBAR WDG label for more information.

This lower use rate program in alfalfa represents a new tool for improving weed control and achieving more consistent results.

SINBAR WDG may be mixed with products such as diuron, metribuzin and hexazinone, but SINBAR WDG should not be the primary herbicide for residual weed control when used at the reduced rates. SINBAR WDG may also be used when paraquat is added as a burn-down aid. Control will not meet expectations if SINBAR WDG is used alone at these reduced rates or if the weed population has resistance to SINBAR WDG.

Try this new use for Sinbar WDG and boost your alfalfa weed control program.

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