Loosen Soil and Leach Away Excess Sodium while Adding Calcium and Sulfur

Solmenda soil ammendment

Solmenda® is a liquid soil amendment that alters the chemical and physical structure of agricultural soils making them more receptive to growing crops.

Solmenda soil ammendment

Solmenda® loosens the soil, improving air and water penetration while allowing excess salts to leach away. It also contains two crucial plant-growing nutrients, calcium and sulfur. And the use of SOLMENDA increases the availability of other important nutrients.

  • SOLMENDA Benefits

    • Leaches away unwanted sodium in the soil. 
    • As sodium exits, the soil aggregates into larger particles.
    • Looser, more porous soil = improved water percolation and aeration.
  • Impact on Crops

    • SOLMENDA improves plant nutrition, providing calcium and sulfur in forms ideal for uptake by plants.
    • Other soil nutrients like zinc, phosphorous and magnesium, become more available to plants.


To Assist in the Penetration and Dispersion of Soil-applied Agricultural Chemicals*

  • Use SOLMENDA in combination with agricultural chemicals such as soil pesticides and fertilizers which could benefit from enhanced soil penetration and dispersion. SOLMENDA may be especially effective in assisting the movement of agricultural chemicals in calcareous and other difficult-to-penetrate soils. Use the recommended label rate of SOLMENDA per acre in combination with labeled rates of other soil-applied agricultural chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) that allow such applications. Follow precautions on the label to determine the compatibility of SOLMENDA when mixed with any other component.


  • Compare SOLMENDA to Other Soil Amendments

    • Gypsum is less soluble in water, so its soil-amending properties take much longer to impact the soil structure.
    • Sulfuric acid is hazardous to handle and doesn’t contain calcium.
    • Soil sulfur can be very slow acting, depending on the size of the soil particles.
  • Easy to Apply

    • Apply SOLMENDA at any time of year, whether crops are present or not.
    • Add SOLMENDA to irrigation water or spray directly on to soil.



Calcium Polysulfide Soil Conditioner

Guaranteed Analysis

By Weight

Calcium (Ca)


Sulfur (S)



Derived from Calcium Polysulfide
Weight per gallon: 10.6 pounds

Technical Data


10.9 to 11.2

Specific gravity

1.27 (H2 O=1)

Pounds per gallon


Pounds sulfur per gallon


Pounds calcium per gallon


Gallons per ton



*Patent Pending