Stink Bug Infestation

Use Surround Crop Protectant to suppress BMSB!

EPA registered for the suppression of stink bugs in apple, pear and tree nut crops, Surround® Crop Protectant is an effective tool, when used in a comprehensive IPM program, to manage the threat from the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB). For organic growers of pears, apples and tree nut crops, SURROUND may represent one of only a few options for suppressing the BMSB.

The USDA has identified 9 ways that SURROUND affects insect pests.

With stink bugs, the mode of action of SURROUND is in its ability to camouflage the host plant and provide a tactile deterrence to insect movement throughout the plant. Include SURROUND in a rotation or use it as a tank mix partner with conventional insecticides. Remember, thorough coverage is essential and multiple sprays are required to protect new growth. Visit the SURROUND section of this website for more information.

Always read and follow label directions

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Technical Info & Links:

These documents and websites provide more specific information regarding the identification, and control measures being employed for BMSB.