IPM Tool for Olive Insect Control

Surround IPM tool for olive insect control

Repel Damaging Insects From Olive Trees

Developed in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Surround® Agricultural Crop Protectants formulated to suppress insect activity and can be a valuable tool in olive IPM programs. SURROUND is an EPA-registered insecticide that can help reduce the damage caused in olives by the olive fruit fly, thrips and other insect pests. In addition, SURROUND may be used to maximize the effectiveness of conventional insecticides by avoiding their overuse, thus minimizing the likelihood of insect resistance.

  • SURROUND functions best when used as a preventative program, applied to the tree before the pest appears. The use of SURROUND will reduce pest pressure and may eliminate the need for additional treatments. If pest pressure reaches an economic damage threshold, a knockdown insecticide should be used. SURROUND may be tank mixed with most crop protection products.

    SURROUND may suppress beneficial insect activity. Closely monitor and employ a typical control program for scale and mite

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Recommendations for Olives

Volume: For 20-foot trees, use 200 gallons of water per acre. Large trees require up to 300 gallons per acre.

Concentration: Use 25 to 50 pounds per 100 gallons of water.

Pest Pounds / Acre Application Instruction
Aphids, crickets, flea beetles, fruit flies, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, leafrollers, olive fruit fly, thrips, white fly 25-50 Suppression only*. Start prior to infestation. Spray every 7–14 days throughout infestation.
*If complete control is needed, consider using supplemental controls.
  • Application Tips

    • Apply SURROUND to near-drip. Avoid foliage run-off.
    • Change the direction of travel on alternate applications for best coverage.
    • SURROUND can be tank mixed with most pesticides.
      When tank-mixing, always add SURROUND to the tank first.
      A pre-mix tank is suggested for sprayers without mechanical agitation.
    • Aerial application of SURROUND is not recommended for insect suppression as adequate coverage of large trees is difficult to achieve.
  • Surround IPM tool for olive insect control
Surround IPM tool for olive insect control

Nine Ways SURROUND May Suppress Insects

  1. Repellency
  2. Impedes egglaying
  3. Reduces feeding
  4. Impedes grasping
  5. Restricts movement
  6. Camouflages the host — prevents host recognition
  7. Alters behavior
  8. Induces paralysis
  9. Causes mortality


Traces of SURROUND may remain on treated olives after harvest, but these have been demonstrated not to affect the quality of table olives or olive oil.


Application Timing: SURROUND: Jun 24, Aug 4, GF 120: weekly or every other week

Rate: Surround =50 lbs/A

*Mean % damage at harvest, Sep 16 to Nov 12, 2004; in 19 different locations.