• strawberry field

    Prep for Better Strawberries with Sectagon

    Soil borne pests can build up in the soil and decrease a strawberry fields full yield potential. An easy pre-plant application of Sectagon® could suppress these annoying pests.
  • Alfalfa Banner

    A Proven Solution for Weed Management in California Alfalfa

    Crops like alfalfa that go dormant or experience minimal winter growth leave a wide-open canopy that exposes soil to sunlight, making it susceptible to weed growth.
  • Fruit trees

    Repel Insects with Surround: Protect Your Crops Naturally

    Effective pest management is essential for maintaining healthy crops and maximizing yields. Surround is OMRI-listed (pesticide use only), offering an innovative solution to reduce insect damage. Here, we will discuss how Surround works as an insecticide, the numerous ways it can affect insect pests, the benefits of incorporating it into an...
  • Almond Orchard Banner

    Improve Usage of Water in Your Orchard with Surround

    The efficient usage of water is a critical aspect of modern agriculture. One solution that has gained attention for its potential to improve the effect of water on crop productivity is Surround®. Here, we will explore how Surround works to enhance water efficiency in plants, the benefits it offers, and tips for successful application.
  • Oranges

    Heat Stress and Sun Protection: Boost Your Crop Health with Surround

    Heat stress and sunburn can severely impact plant health and reduce yields. In today's changing climate, finding ways to protect plants from these harmful effects is more important than ever. Surround is an advanced plant health technology that offers protection from sunburn and heat stress, in return has the potential to enhance yields and promote...
  • Lettuce Field Small

    Control Aphids and Thrips as an INSV Vector with Lannate

    Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) is a highly destructive virus that affects a wide range of plants, including vegetables, ornamental plants, and fruit trees. The virus is transmitted by aphids and thrips, which feed on the plants and transmit the virus through their saliva. Once infected, the plants show symptoms such as necrotic spots on the...
  • Corn Growing

    Effective Control of Sweet Corn Pests with Lannate

    Sweet corn is one of the most popular crops grown worldwide, with a high demand for its fresh, canned, and frozen forms. However, pests such as armyworms, cutworms, earworms, and corn borers can severely damage the crop, reducing its yield and quality. Therefore, effective pest control measures are essential to ensure a successful harvest. One of...
  • Large Onion Banner

    Effective Thrips Control in Onions with Lannate

    Thrips can cause significant damage to onion crops, leading to yield losses and reduced quality. Thrips are small, sap-sucking insects that feed on the leaves, stems, and bulbs of onions, causing stunted growth, leaf curling, and discoloration. For over 60 years, Lannate® has been a preferred choice of onion growers throughout the world. Here, we...
  • Red apples

    Apple Blossom Thinning with Lime-Sulfur Solution

    Blossom thinning is a crucial step in your crop load management program. By engaging in blossom thinning, you can reduce fruit-to-fruit competition, giving the remaining fruit space to grow and more exposure to sunlight. Lime-Sulfur Solution is OMRI-listed and is currently labeled for apple blossom thinning in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah...
  • shutterstock_376905205.jpg

    Improving Banana Plant Health

    Costa Rica Field Studies Prove Success Using Surround® on Bananas An extensive three-year field study conducted by highly respected researcher Miguel González of CORBANA in Costa Rica demonstrated measurable success when using Surround® Crop Protectant on Bananas. The highly engineered kaolin particles in SURROUND reflect infrared and...
  • shutterstock_1761599438_Solmenda.jpg

    Video: Utilize Water More Efficiently

    Learn more about ways that Surround® and Purshade® can create more efficient use of water by keeping plants cooler in extreme temperatures.
  • Grapes%20green.jpg

    Video: Sunscreen for Your Crops

    Surround crop protectant and Purshade solar protectant enable you to manage intense sunlight and high heat to achieve the maximum possible yields. Learn more.
  • shutterstock_518940097_tomato (2).jpg

    Video: Sunburn & Heat Stress Protection

    You can't control sunlight, but you can learn how a pair of patented NovaSource products can help make your plants more productive in extreme sun and heat stress. Watch now.
  • shutterstock_608655317.jpg

    Video: Sun and Organic Insect Protectant

    This video explains more about the added value Surround provides as an OMRI-certified insecticide in addition to its proven value as a sun protectant.
  • potato-early-growth-iStock-546172924.jpg

    Video: Improving Plant Health

    Watch the animation that demonstrates how plant health can actually be enhanced in extreme temperatures through the application of Surround® and Purshade®.
  • shutterstock_1403611547

    Stink Bug Infestation

    Use Surround Crop Protectant to suppress BMSB! EPA registered for the suppression of stink bugs in apple, pear and tree nut crops, Surround® Crop Protectant is an effective tool, when used in a comprehensive IPM program, to manage the threat from the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB).
  • shutterstock_184239797.jpg

    Plant Health Insights

    Periods of excessive heat and sunlight during critical stages of growth can negatively impact crop quality and overall yields. When ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light levels rise, and temperatures go beyond a plants optimum, heat-stressed plants will wilt, their stomata close and photosynthetic processes stop.
  • Strawberries

    Soil Fumigant Stewardship

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instituted new requirements for soil fumigation products including metam sodium and metam potassium in recent years. The goal of the new regulations is to protect workers and bystanders while maintaining the benefits of the products for agricultural production. See the Sectagon-42® and...
  • shutterstock_634815119.jpg

    Protecting Pollinators

    Best Management Practices for Sevin Carbaryl Insecticide The effect of Sevin® carbaryl insecticide, on bee and other pollinator populations is an important consideration when preparing to make an application to agricultural crops.
  • shutterstock_1973768183.jpg

    Asian Citrus Psyllid

    Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama) (ACP) is an economically important pest in some citrus growing regions such as Florida. The pest carries or vectors Huanglongbing (HLB) or Citrus Greening Disease, a devastating disease of citrus trees.
  • shutterstock_141046384

    Apple Thinning Tips & Timing

    Sevin® is registered for apple thinning and may be used to chemically thin apples for increased quality, but label directions must be carefully followed. Many factors influence the degree of thinning achieved. Timing of spray, tree age, variety, nutrition, previous crop load, pruning, the degree of bloom set, weather and the use of other chemical...